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October 2020

Everyone is talking about E-Invoicing. But what exactly is electronic invoicing? Electronic invoices, which are in accordance with the European standard for electronic invoicing are a great start. Digitized invoicing promises administrative burden savings compared to paper-based invoicing processes. Comparative analysis eInvoice   But why not take it to a next level? Remember our Receipt […]

We are proud that Allexis is the only company providing ID Issuer services to four different countries: Ireland, Sweden, Finland & Estonia. We strive to deliver best solutions and ID Issuer is no different. Illicit tobacco trade is responsible for millions of euros in tax revenue losses by European countries every year. To tackle illicit […]

Remember previous article where we introduced our digital solution Receipt? Receipt the solution that has reduced the tax gap in the Slovakia from 41% to 26% and brought in additional €3.7 billion to state budget? It´s time for us to introduce our next digital solution eWallet, which is complement digital solution to Receipt. Imagine customers […]

Did you know that the VAT Gap in Slovakia back in 2014 was equal to €2.14 billion in absolute terms, making Slovakia at the time of implementation the fourth worst in VAT collection in all of EU? The estimate for tax-loss in the retail sector alone was over €1 billion. Our solution Receipt was introduced […]