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November 2020

…are those here to stay? Some of the above mentioned verbalisms are new some of them are here for ages. COVID created barriers, yet businesses transformed in order not to extinguish. What seemed to be non-sense year ago is our everyday life today. Digital solutions resolving the issues are here for quite some time. As […]

The success story of Allexis Control Since the beginning of 2020, the Slovak Tax revenue collection authority has carried out 2615 inspections aimed at compliance with the Law of the use of electronic cash registers (receipt solution). Almost 60 percent of cases unveiled tax fraud. Slovak Tax revenue collection authority also launched the project “Tourist” […]

Currently, in Slovakia, more than 6,000,000 receipts are issued on daily basis. More than 400 000 invoices processed daily. 500 000 active businesses already established and more being established every year. Market analysis shows that about 5% of receipts issued are manipulated and there is a tax evasion of an estimated EUR 360 000 per […]