The success story of Allexis Control

Since the beginning of 2020, the Slovak Tax revenue collection authority has carried out 2615 inspections aimed at compliance with the Law of the use of electronic cash registers (receipt solution). Almost 60 percent of cases unveiled tax fraud.

Slovak Tax revenue collection authority also launched the project “Tourist” inspections in August 2020. In the first week of the inspection, the authority performed 195 inspections, of which 62% of cases unveiled tax fraud! Inspector’s work was to monitor tourist visited businesses during summer, such as restaurants and hotels, and inspect whether or not they issue receipts to customers.

Tools that helped unveil the fraudulent behavior are our receipt solution and control solution. We already discussed the receipt solution and advised this is the first steppingstone to prevent VAT related frauds. Now let’s talk about our control solution that is necessary to perform onsite inspections.

So what is Allexis Control?

Imagine everything the inspector needs to perform the onsite inspection is to his disposal in a digital device. Legal framework, checklist like guide on performing inspection, scanning device, digital signature device, and much more all in one app.

Best practice demonstrates that a significant increase can be achieved in the efficiency and effectiveness of all types of tax and customs controls performed in the field when using digital equipment for conducting and recording inspections.

Allexis Control not only provides all in one solution that provides the inspector with all they need for performing onsite inspection but also allows them to pick up on all transaction data of inspected entities in real time (Receipt and eInvoice solutions). It includes all the receipts issued and all invoice data containing seller/buyer, date of operation, information about goods, and their price. Additionally, if those are excisable goods their track & trace data are also accessible (Stamp solution). So, what does that allow for? An onsite inspection that starts outside the inspected premises in order to prevent manipulation of transactions once the inspector steps foot in the inspected premises.

    What are the benefits of Allexis Control?

    Allexis Control easily helps to discover these types of tax frauds:

    • Invoice or sales receipts related frauds
    • Switching of fiscal modules
      – lowering the volume of sales transactions
    • Fraudulent tax stamp
    • Corrupted onsite inspectors

    … How?

    All inspectors are equipped with a smart device that contains the Allexis Control app. The app contains exact guidelines and predefined steps necessary to conduct an inspection. This minimalizes potential mistakes in conducting inspection while also reducing the administrative burden / manual entry of data that arise from inspection. Almost 99.9% of documents (receipts, invoices, reports) are collected and processed electronically and directly at the place of inspection.

    Each step of an inspection is recorded into the central database in real-time. This prevents possible corruptive behavior and gives the supervisor a clear perception of the performance of an inspection.

    Digital tools and information systems offer not only real-time communication between inspectors and supervisors who can advise them in problematic situations, but also utilizes human resources to their full potential. Allexis Control delivers an automated control mechanism for the process and operation management of tax and customs inspections.

    Allexis Control supports secured electronic signature, which allows generated documents to be signed both by the inspector and the controlled subject directly at the place of an inspection.

    The number of inspectors is always lower than the number of active legal entities. Our goal is to deliver solutions that will optimize the inspections carried out in a way that inspectors are only performing inspections in facilities that are suspected of fraudulent behavior. The reason, why is to, on one hand, utilize the number of inspectors and on the other hand keep the inspectors safe during the situation of the present pandemic.