Remember previous article where we introduced our digital solution Receipt? Receipt the solution that has reduced the tax gap in the Slovakia from 41% to 26% and brought in additional €3.7 billion to state budget?

It´s time for us to introduce our next digital solution eWallet, which is complement digital solution to Receipt.

Imagine customers having all their receipts in ONE PLACE where they can manage all their expenses and share corporate expenses with their accountants. Imagine an app that can do all that while also verifying all the scanned receipts against the database of Tax revenue authority.

eWallet is an app where a cash receipt can be uploaded by scanning the QR code. All data (private or business) from the virtual or electronic cash register connected the receipt can be also found in eWallet app after scanning QR code on receipt.

If after scanning the QR code the customer sees incorrect data or the receipt is not registered with Tax Administration database, one can report the fraudulent activity directly through the eWallet app.         

Corporate expense accounting? Save time and be more efficient. You no longer need to store physical receipts and make expense reports. Just send the digital receipts to your accountant. You’ll make him happy as he will save 9 minutes on average on single receipt processing. And not just that eWallet automatically generates Automatic accounting imports and Automatic VAT report while allowing for Employees expenditures Controlling.

So what are you saying? No manual processing of receipts?


 Here’s how it works

Digital receipts provide a hassle-free way for consumers to keep track of their expenses verify transactions and prepare for tax season.

We strive to bring digitization of receipts to every part of the world and fight tax avoidance while eliminating administrative burden. Oh, and did we mention that this is a way how to go paperless?

Save Receipts

Spare your accountant of manual work 


Go green