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The revolution in digital tax collection. Move towards tax digitalisation is allowing tax authorities to collect transactional data and grasp the information behind the data in real time.


Stamp introduces a completely electronic manifestation of the printing process, expenditures, distribution and tracking of excise taxed goods.


Implementation of Control will establish the real time supervision of inspectors in the field and will establish the prevention of potential corrupt behaviour whilst also providing onsite inspectors with guidance on how to perform thorough inspection.


Multiplatform solution provides business owners with an intuitive user-friendly solution to issue, print and record all cash receipts and transactions. Tax authorities can now collect transactional data for cash receipts in real time and evaluate expected VAT and Sales tax income and prevent tax frauds.


The goal of Invoice is to create a digital copy of the invoice and load the data into central database of Tax authority in order to eliminate administrative burden that comes with standard paper-based invoices while also helping Tax authorities prevent tax frauds.


All data from the receipt and invoice solutions can be recorded to User app Wallet. Never lose a receipt or invoice ever again.