Multiplatform solution provides business owners with an intuitive user-friendly solution to issue, print or record all cash receipts and transactions. Businesses have the option of using the free mobile or web application for Virtual Cash Registers on any smart or computer device. The automatic generation of reports and transactions overview is a time saving tool that allows the business to concentrate more on their growth, rather than complicated reporting.



All information from receipts issued in Slovakia is stored in the central database. This allows the Tax Administration to have an immediate access to an overview of all transactions and receipts of any selected business. During the in field controls of proper issuing of receipts, the live transmission of data in absolutely crucial for an immediate proof of illegal incidence. At the same time system provides an automatic fraud detection mechanism based on specific algorithms, as well as a tool for management of physical controls directly at business’ location.



Using the mobile application, each customer can check and verify the validity of a receipt by either scanning the QR code or manually entering the receipt’s ID. This allows the customers to compare the data on their physical receipts with the data the Tax Administration recorded for the same transaction. Enabling citizens to act as controllers leads to a greater number of reported tax fraud occurrences.


Business owner issues a cash receipt directly in the mobile or web app. Data from all issued receipts are recorded not only in the Alladin Receipt, but also live transmitted to Tax Administration.

Tax Administration has an immediate access to all data from transaction processed via Alladin Receipt. This enables the authorities to quickly react to any suspicious behavior or reported fraud.

The free app for customers allows them to validate all receipts and at the same time act as automatic reporters of tax frauds to the Tax Administration.


mobile application users od Alladin Receipt


web application users of Alladin Receipt


registered business entities in the Alladin Receipt


validated issued receipts


To achieve the true potential of the system, all transactions can be utilized for automated generation of VAT returns and annual tax returns.